Meet our Producers

We at Buraansh travel to the farthest and most interior places in the Himalayas, with the sole purpose of finding people who are producing or collecting some of the most unique and traditional Himalayan products. This rural Himalayan community has a lot to offer. Not only do they grow and collect the finest of the natural and organic products, but are also a repository of rich traditional knowledge.

As a policy, we work only with small farmers, self-help groups and women’s collectives who do not compromise with quality and are seeking a platform to sell their produce.

Mrs. Nisha, one of the members of a Women’s Self-Help Group near Shimla, shared her story of struggle and hardships she faced for the last 14 years to sell handmade jams and chutneys made by the group. “We carried heavy bottles of jam and chutney on our backs to sell it door to door in the village. We could barely make any money and there was a time when the group began to fall apart due to the poor sales,” she shared. However, they kept their spirits high and continued to produce on a small scale.

During one such travel expedition, we got a chance to taste their handmade apple jam. And, Oh boy! It was delicious. Ever since they are an integral part of the Buraansh family.

Similarly, another self-help group operating from a remote village in Himachal Pradesh, is our most loved soap-maker’s group who create pure, natural and blissful paraben-sulphate free Soaps.

Another important member of the Buraansh family is the women’s collective located at Tirthan Valley who carefully collect herbs for making our exclusive Himalayan Yew Tea with Sweet Violets and Wild Mint. Our most loved Himalayan Apricot Kernel Oil (Gutti ka tel) is also cold-pressed by another women’s collective in the Valley.

Their zeal, determination and hard work is a major inspiration and driving force behind Buraansh. Our rural producers are our biggest assets and strength that we always cherish.