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Buraansh is not just a platform for rural Himalayan products, it is a symbol of rich Pahari culture and deep love for everything that the mountains have to offer. This social enterprise came into existence with the philosophy of preserving this great culture and a mission to share this knowledge with the world. 


We draw inspiration from the gorgeous deep red Buraansh flower (Rhododendron) that blooms in its glory after a cold and harsh winter. No matter how tough the winters are, this flower never fails to amaze us with its brilliant red. Each of our products is a result of hard labour and unbreakable willpower of people who live in one of the toughest terrains and yet have the zeal to work and excel in life.


As an enterprise that has evolved in the mountains, we share a deep sense of respect for our rural producers. We always strive to help them get a better remuneration for their hard work. This is one of the major reasons why we directly engage with them and drive towards connecting them with the conscious buyer who appreciates their efforts.