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You will find this illustration of our mascots on all our products. They are a symbolic representation of the Pahari community who produce every single product with great love and care. Each of our product is dedicated to these local Himalayan producers.


Even though it was difficult to decide their outfit as traditional dresses in the mountains vary from region to region, we tried to create a popular image of the Pahari people. The man can be seen dressed in the famous Kullu cap and Sadri (sleeveless woolen jacket), while the woman adorns local Pahari jewelry and Dhaatu (head scarf) with the famous Chamba Rumal embroidery. This intricate needlework is popular for its double-sided stitch and elaborate depiction of deities and nature inspired motifs. She is also wearing a vibrant Kullu design shawl with geometric pattern.

Illustration Copyright © 2019 Buraansh. All rights reserved.